Portal of Private Investment Projects of Argentina

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InvestArgentina is a centralized promotional platform of projects located in Argentina which intends to build a bridge between the promoters-owners of the projects and the investors who are looking for feasible investment opportunities in Argentina.

The portal aims to increase the visibility of the wide range of projects and ventures available in the country through a project data base of multi-sectorial and federal nature.

This platform is promoted by the Argentine Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency and all the provincial governments.

However, the promoters of the projects who own the investment opportunities published assume total responsibility for the information of their projects.

The portal aims to be a reliable network and resource which connects feasible projects with potential investors. The register of users aims to optimize the quality of the proposals and the interaction among participants.

No. The project presentation, publication and search are free of charge.

The projects are organized and classified according to the ISIC two-digit division code. This is the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION OF ALL ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES (ISIC), which is the international classification of reference for all productive economic activities. Its main purpose is to facilitate the creation of a set of categories per activity to be used for statistical purposes.

You can access the following link for further information about the ISIC: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/publication/seriesm/seriesm_4rev4s.pdf

The user who owns the investment project must be a natural or legal person, who represents the project and is responsible for it. The promoters hold the main responsibility for the economic/financial due diligence of the investment project. The technical team will then ensure that a minimum technical standard is met, which might entail requesting the promoters to provide further information.

No, InvestArgentina is a tool which aims to promote the country’s investment projects by facilitating the connection with local and international potential investors.



Any natural person or company registered in the platform as a Promoter-Owner user with the Tax Identification Code (CUIT or CUIL) number can add the project or venture owned.

Natural or legal persons who have either gone bankrupt, sold off their companies or the like cannot present projects in the portal. Required fields must be completed for registration.

To register at the platform and have access to the services a user must be created. The register and access button (Create user/ Enter) is on the upper corner of the main window, where you will enter for the first time for registration. Once the user is created, you can have access to all the site services by logging in to your account with the enter button.

To register you must complete your email address, full name (name and surname), Tax Identification Code (CUIL/CUIT) and select a confidential password to log in to your account. In addition, you have the option to specify business name, company name and contact phone number.

Once that data is provided, an email will be sent to that email address with a link to validate the creation of the account. By doing so, you accept the terms and conditions to use the platform. Once validation is done through the link, you will be able to access the platform with the email user and the password selected.

You can access the tutorial here for further information about the steps to follow.

Uploading the projects is easy. You can access a step-by-step tutorial here.

To publish an investment project, you must log in with your registered user and click on the button which says “Add project”.

The project load template has some fields available in Spanish and others in English (title, description of the project and attachments). The system will translate the rest of the fields into English, except for the ones that must be completed manually.

We advise the owners to complete the fields available in English to expand the scope of promotion of the project to a wider international network of investors. It is important to highlight that the projects will be part of a data base which is promoted by the Argentine Representatives abroad; therefore, publishing in English strengthens competitiveness when presenting the projects.

  1. Purpose of the investment
  2. Sector/Subsector
  3. Title
  4. Description
  5. Location
    • Province
    • Location
    • ZIP code
  6. Stage of the project
  7. Starting date (Real or estimated) MM/YYYY
  8. Contact person
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Position
    • Email address
    • Contact phone number
  9. Project total investment
  10. Capital requirement as % of the total investment amount
  11. Estimated number of jobs
  12. Estimated exports
  13. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  14. IRR of the project
  15. Attach a presentation of the project
  16. Attach the economic - financial plan (cash flow)

You can upload as many projects as you wish. Each project uploaded will be given a single identification code. Each of them must be uploaded one at a time, individually and separately following the same steps.

The uploading of a project entails compliance with the terms and conditions set forth before finishing the uploading process.

The estimated time between the uploading and the visible publication of the project is of 30 days.

Once all the required information of the project is filled in, an automatic email will be sent to confirm that uploading has be done successfully.

Since that moment onwards, the project will enter a validation revision stage by our technical team to check whether it is necessary to modify or add some information or to verify the information provided for publication.

The term for publication will depend on the clarity of the project described and on the time the promoter takes to provide the information requested.

When the technical team confirms that all the data has been successfully uploaded, the project will be validated and will become visible and published in the platform.

It is important to highlight that the platform reserves the right of admission in case some of the projects do not meet the required criteria as regards the terms and conditions the user accepts to comply with.

The promoter receives notification of the investor’s interest in the project and, if the promoter gives authorization, the information requested is sent.

A year. During that period, promoters should update information as the project progresses.

Yes, at the discretion of the project owner -if he wishes to withdraw it- or when the project has secured the financing needed. Additionally, a project may be withdrawn if it does not comply with the terms of agreement of the portal.


To have access to the projects uploaded in the portal InvestArgentina, you must register as an investor user. You can do so by going to the main site and clicking the option “Register” on the upper right corner.

Searching for projects is agile and simple. The search filter can be done with the following variables:

  • Project productive sector
  • Province
  • Range of investment amount
  • Key words or labels
  • According to the language the publication is available in (English – Spanish)

To have access to the InvestArgentina platform services you must first register as an investor user. Each account is linked to a single user.

You will find the register and access button (Register/ Log in) on the upper corner of the main window, where you will log in for the first time for registration, and once the user is created it will be the button to log in.

You must fill in a form with the information required below:

  • Name/ Surname
  • Country of origin
  • Location
  • Company
  • Position
  • Corporate contact email address
  • Website/Linkedin
  • Productive sector(s) of interest

You can also include other information such as address, phone number and other comments.

Once the form is filled in, an email will be sent to the email address given to validate the user identification. By doing so, you accept the terms and conditions to use the platform. Your account activation will be confirmed within a 15 days’ period.

You can access the tutorial here for further information.

If you are interested in getting further information about a specific project, you can request it to the administrator by specifying the project code. The assistance team will contact you.