Argentina holds a significant place on the international business map and has great potential in terms of natural resources, human capital and dynamic industrial complexes.

Broad and diverse economy

3rd largest GDP in Latin America, USD 450 billion (1)

GDP per capita USD 10,000 (1)

inhabitants (~60% under 35 years old). Access to 295 million people in MERCOSUR(2)

Natural resources

2nd largest non-conventional gas field and 4th largest non-conventional oil field in the world(3)

of high-potential mining zones with over 250 projects in their initial stage (4)

8th largest country in the world, with 53% of arable land (5)

Main global exporter of soy, corn, lemon, lithium, among others (6)

6th producer of beef and 5th global exporter with presence in the most demanding international markets, such as the European Union, the United states, China and Israel (6)

High-quality human capita

1st in Latin America regarding command of the English language (7)

university undergraduates in STEM courses a year (8)

Dynamic industrial complexes
and fast-growing sector

Steel pipes, agricultural machinery, hospital equipment and the automotive industry are some of the main Argentine exports (2)

Biotechnology and knowledge-based services are the fastest-growing sectors (2)


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